The Top Reasons To Unlock iPhone 5S

Everybody these days knows what it means to unlock iPhone 5s. It needs almost no explanation. Whether you’re using an iPhone or a different brand altogether, unlocking is just so commonplace that no explanation is needed.

Unlock iPhone 5s is a must if you’re stuck with high call rates charged by your mobile service provider. You don’t really want to be worrying about outrageous roaming fees for the next 2 years that you’re on contract, do you? Imagine coming back from a trip abroad and finding a bill so huge it cost more than the vacation you took.

That doesn’t paint a pretty picture, does it? That’s exactly why you need to start thinking of unlocking your iPhone 5s.

But it’s not just the financial savings that’s pushing people to seek iPhone 5s unlock keys. There are actually a lot of other benefits to doing this procedure. Unfortunately, until recently, people were under the impression that unlocking an iPhone 5s is unethical. Not only that, they also fear that the process is illegal. It’s enough to deter iPhone owners from doing it.

Apple actually played a very big part in propagating these ideas. And why not? It surely suited the company’s interests to keep the phone locked to one single carrier for the contract duration. Luckily for all of us, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act set the matter straight. It declared that unlocking an iPhone isn’t illegal and that there’s nothing wrong with it as long as the owner has already paid the price of the gadget in full. Since then, more and more iPhone users have been scouring the web for ways to unlock iPhone 5s.

Unlocking the iPhone 5s

unlock iphone 5sWhile the term “unlocking” may be familiar, it’s a bit ironic that many people still do not clearly understand what happens when you choose to do it for your phone.

An iPhone owner has a CDMA phone. And changing the SIM card to a different carrier than the one he’s under contract with will not make the other SIM card work. Why? Because Apple locks the units to the network of the carrier selling it. This ensures buyers are able to pay back the cost of the unit through the monthly payments.

You have to admit, the only reason many people are able to purchase an iPhone 5s is because the carriers are offering them at ridiculously low prices. So they sign the dotted line and commit to a 2-year contract.

Months later, they start feeling the pinch. The high of being able to get the latest smart phone technology starts to wane and the reality of higher call rates and unbelievable roaming charges is suddenly staring them in the face.

It’s very unfortunate then that they can’t really do much about it. They can’t just switch to another cheaper carrier. The phone won’t read the different SIM at all. This is where unlock iPhone 5s AT&T comes in handy.

The Many Ways to Unlock iPhone 5s

There are many ways to unlock an iPhone. Most of the time, unlocking refers to downloading software to override the built in commands that the manufacturer has imposed on the gadget. The additional new software will force the change. The result turns the iPhone 5s from CDMA to a GSM phone. This allows the user to insert and use a SIM card from a different carrier.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But beware. It’s hardly as straightforward as it sounds. Unlocking your iPhone 5s using software unlock methods could possibly compromise your phone. Any mistake while doing the process could result to an unstable iPhone. This is why software unlocking is best left to professionals – hackers, developers and geeks.

It must also be mentioned that installing new firmware invalidates the effects of software unlocking. You then end up with a locked iPhone 5s again. If you did the software unlocking yourself, then you’d have to repeat the entire process. Waste of time, isn’t it?

It’s worse if you actually paid someone to do it for you. Because then your money basically amounted to nothing and you’re back to square one.

The Other Reason

It sucks to be paying highly inflated cell phone bills every month. But there’s another reason why iPhone users want to unlock their phones.

Apple has been known to make money out of the hundreds of thousands of apps downloadable from the app store. Any iPhone owner knows that most of these apps aren’t free (and those that are free aren’t even full versions).

Items that are freely available on the internet like games, music and videos cannot be downloaded by the iPhone. This is where android users get a leg up over their iOS counterparts.

There’s also no way to customize an unlocked iPhone 5s. Want a cooler ringtone? Well, you can’t choose anything other than what’s pre-installed. Want better wallpaper? Suck it up and use what’s already there. Or else buy the app from the app store.

This limitation has been making iPhone users crazy. The phone just refuses to be customized. So the solution? Unlock the device.

The Best Unlocking Option

The demand to unlock iPhones is at a peak. This is why many websites have sprouted seemingly out of nowhere offering unlocking tools. Some of them are free, some of them come at a small fee. We’ve already discussed software unlocking options. And hopefully, you already know how to steer clear of them.

So what really is the best way to unlock your iPhone 5s? There’s only one proven effective, safe and permanent way. That is to have the phone factory unlocked.

What does this mean? Well, Apple has a database listing all the IMEI numbers of all the iPhones ever produced. The list tells them which phones are locked and which aren’t. Your best option is to find a reputable company that offers factory unlocking, or IMEI unlocking services.

What they’ll do then is transfer your IMEI number to a whitelist that tells the system your unit is no longer tied up to any particular provider. As soon as that’s done, you can happily switch carriers as many times as you want.

IMI unlocking companies may charge a small fee for this service, so be prepared. But really, what’s a small unlock iPhone 5s fee compared to the freedom that a fully unlocked iPhone 5s will give you?

Instructions To Factory Unlock iPhone 5/5S/5C Devices

There is an easy way how to unlock iPhone 5 AT&T devices so they can be used with other carriers and gain significant data capabilities. Although iPhones are mobile devices that grant you the freedom of accessing the internet from nearly any location, most carriers will program an IMEI subsidy lock on your device that prevents it from operating with a different carrier. AT&T is just one of the many carriers who use this lock system, making it significantly less easy than you had thought to unlock iPhone 5 AT&T devices.

Even if you currently have a great data and minutes plan with AT&T for your iPhone 5 you are still bound by a contract and the limitations involved. After unlocking the iPhone 5 AT&T device, however, you will be free to switch to a different carrier and use any amount of data or minutes you desire. There are several options for unlocking your device

How To Safely Unlock iPhone 5

unlock iphone 5Your first step in unlocking your AT&T iPhone 5 is to visit AT&T’s wireless support page. Here you will find the unlock request form where you can file a request to have your phone unlocked. AT&T will unlock your phone in as little as two business days and no later than five business days from the time of the request.

There are several requirements that can block your way from unlocking iPhone 5 AT&T devices through the carrier. You must first either be a current AT&T customer or a former customer. If you fall into the latter category and don’t have your former account number then you’re out of luck.

The other requirements AT&T has for unlocking your device are:

  • You’re on the Network — Your iPhone 5 needs to be an AT&T device currently programed to work on their network.
  • You’re all paid up —Your iPhone 5 needs to be paid in full before it’s unlocked.
  • Your iPhone Isn’t Lost or Stolen — If your iPhone 5 is currently reported lost or stolen, AT&T won’t unlock the device.
  • Your Device Is Coded — Many manufacturers put codes in place that must be entered before the phone is unlocked by the carrier.
  • And More — There are a number of other obstacles AT&T will throw in your path to prevent the unlocking of your device.

As you can see, unlocking your iPhone 5 through your carrier isn’t as straightforward as it could be when attempting to unlock AT&T iPhone 5 device.

Factory iPhone Unlocking Services

Through the use of a professional unlocking service, the barriers thrown up by your carrier will vanish. The secret many carriers won’t tell you is that unlocking your device is incredibly easy. Of course you could even do it yourself, but if you aren’t familiar with the technology, it’s always best to use a service so you don’t damage your phone by making a mistake in the process.

A professional unlocking service will unlock iPhone 5 AT&T devices in a short amount of time and for minimal hassle. These services also perform factory AT&T unlocking, meaning the manufacturer code won’t be an issue. The service will get the code right from the manufacturer so you don’t even need to lift a finger. With the use of a professional unlocking service you can have your iPhone 5 unlocked in minutes, not days, and with none of the obstacles and paperwork required by AT&T.

Unlocking your phone is completely legal, contrary to any rumors you may have heard. Of course, you should always follow the laws and not illegally download movies or music. You’re still responsible for the activities you perform on your phone, but the simple unlocking of your device is well within the bounds of the law.

Getting Started With iPhone 5S/5C Unlocking

The first thing you’ll be escaping when you unlock iPhone 5 AT&T devices is your contract. Although the upfront cost will be more than you pay per month for your contract, this will be the only cost you ever have to pay. Over the years you’ll be saving an incredible amount of money with an unlocked device once you get rid of that contract.

When you unlock iPhone 5 with AT&T devices, you’re also opening up a world of free applications. Just think of the costs you’ll save when you can grab any app you’ve ever wanted for free. Aside from just saving on your monthly contract fee, you’ll be picking up hundreds of dollars of free apps as well.

An unlocked iPhone 5 will also grant you instant access to many thousands of apps and other functions that weren’t available through AT&T. All of the movie and game sites that weren’t compatible with your iPhone 5 when locked will now be open to view with your unlocked device.

When you add up the savings on monthly contract fees and free applications plus the freedom to access any app or site you choose, you’ll see that to unlock iPhone 5 on AT&T devices is to open up a world of possibilities and savings for your phone.